Portable Timken OK Load Tester

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Basic Tester USD 950.00 Free Ship* from Hanoi, Vietnam
Promotion 2018: All Purchase will get a FREE* Digital Temp Probe
* Not applicable to USED units (if available)
* Update 11/2017 - Our Belt Protection Cover passes the safety requirement (custom procedures) for belt driven equipment to prevent work place Accidents and Injuries. As advised by our courier service provider, Belt protection cover IS REQUIRED for all EU/US designations from 15 Nov 2017
For self testing or public demonstration of grease / oil / additive on extreme pressure (EP) property. Manufactured for mobility in mind and is handly in size (15kg exclude weights). Made with durable component for frequent transport.
Our tester is good for:
1. Public demonstration (example: during exhibition) for your Additive / Lubricant (ASTM D-2782) or Grease (ASTM D-2509) products
2. In-house test unit before actual laboratory assessment
3. Distributors (regional or country rep) or training unit to Dealers
4. Personal or automotive clubs / magazine private lubricant / additive assessments
Our tester weight arms DO NOT wobble or JUMP when weights are on load (against wear wheel), unlike other Chinese made testers, weight arms keeps jumping / wobble due to imperfection of structural and weights loading design.
This would cause the demonstration to fail and produce poor or unstable results. We use magnetic catch to hold the oil cup in place.
Please watch our youtube channel for weights arm working in stable condition.

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Technical Information:

Tester Weight: 15kg
Total Weight: 26kg (Including Metal Casing)
Dimension: 500 x 300 x 300mm
Rotating Speed: 1450 rpm
Weights: 540g x 12 pcs (Each Weights Simulating 8.4kg Load)
Test Block: 20 pcs
Grinding Stone: 1 pcs
Oil Cup: 2 pcs
Voltage: 220v
Wattage: 280w
Brochure Download
with Belt Protection Cover:
* Basic 220v / 280w - USD 1,050.00
* Premium 220v / 280w (Digital Panel for Volt and A) - USD 1,565.00
** From 15 Nov 2017 onward, all EU/US/Canada Designations are required to have Belt Protection Cover installed before forwarding to your address.
without Belt Protection Cover:
* Basic 220v / 280w - USD 950.00
* Premium 220v / 280w (Digital Panel for Volt and A) - USD 1465.00 
** For 110v / 280w Version - Additional USD 50.00
* Optional Temperature Probe K-Type - USD 35.00 / pcs
** Display readings of temperature from -50°C to 250°C (with Special Probe up to 1,300°C)
* Compatible connector for other K-type probe (we do not sell)
Optional Spares:
* Test Block – USD 32.00 / 100 pcs
* Wear Wheel – USD 8.36 / pcs
* Grind Stone – USD 3.21 / pcs
* Weights - USD 9.05 / pcs
** If only buy spares without the Tester, price do not include shipping **
* HS Code: 90248010
Precision of Friction Bearing creates stable condition during testing (Weights Arm DO NOT wobble nor Jump when weights is loaded)
* Magnetic Catch for Oil Cup (Due to Air Freight companies like UPS/TNT/Fedex may restrict all magnetic items in the package hence we include extra magnet hidden somewhere to avoid this restriction)
* Some details might change (colors, knobs, switches etc) without prior notice

Shipping Information: 

* Free AIR Ship Door to Door (TNT / Fedex / UPS) - Anywhere in the world with established freight network (USA / EU / Japan etc). Countries with less established freight network (Middle East / African Continent etc) may need to top up the difference.
Countries DO NOT NEED top up (No additional Spares):
Thailand & (most part of SE Asia)
United Kingdom
United States of America
* HS Code: 90248010

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* Distributors Inquiry *

We are looking for worldwide distributors for our Portable Timken Tester. If you're able to commit minimum sales of 3 Testers per month, you can have 35% (ex-work) bulk discount. The discounted price is Tester alone and do not include shipping (Bulk discount from Shipping company). Price for single purchase is inclusive of Shipping*.

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* Consumable Spares *

You can order consumable spares for your tester buy filling out this form in your email and send to us.

Please note that price of spares do not include shipping and once the order and weights is finalized then we will enquire shipping price with our courier service provider and update you.


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* Used Tester *

Periodically we do help post some used condition Tester from our customers and please kindly contact them directly for price and shipping.

1. Basic Tester from New Zealand | 220v | USD 750.00 | Skype Contact: fdl.nz

2. Basic Tester from Vietnam | 220v 2 units | USD 500.00 | Email